Encounter of the hiking kind

May 2, 2008

So I'm tromping along in the woods on Iron Mountain, feeling kind of bored, and someone calls my name - it's Vicky! She was on the guided hike in the Smokies last fall, she said she was going to through-hike, and here she is, 400-plus miles into the trip! Luckily she's walking with a fellow hiker, so he's able to document the meeting.

The energy of the through-hikers is so impressive it made me tired just to see them. So I took the weekend off and went to tour the capital of the State of Franklin and the home of President Andrew Johnson. Driving to Jonesborough and Greeneville I had great views of the wall of mountains that I have ahead of me as I move southbound (SOBO in Trail lingo) - Roan and the Unakas.

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