Final Episode

October 2009
I received my official recognition from the AT Conference - here's the patch and special rocker panel.

I've included a painting by Frederic Edwin Church of the Rapids of the Susquehanna, which I think must be the place where the river cuts through the Kittatinny Ridge above Harrisburg, 1860 or so, long before the AT was envisioned.

As the days shorten and the leaves fall, I'm feeling nostalgic for all the years of seeing the Trail - the way its variety emerged gradually over the many excursions I made, and for the friends, family, and doggies who helped make it all so much fun. As it turned out, the end of the trail was to be the end of a marriage. So nostalgia is mixed with sadness for the loss, and for my naivete in not sensing how much was wrong even as I treasured the time in nature and the sense of accomplishment each day brought.

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