Rock and Water

September 21-27, 2008

I'm back at it again - this time I truly hope to complete my missing link across the mountains and lakes of Maine. Fall is one of my favorite times, so after experiencing Fall Color in Alaska, I'm having it now in Maine and with luck I'll see it again at home in another week.

I camped for 4 chilly nights on the shore of Flagstaff Lake (there's my camp above) while doing some good bike-hikes among the Carry Ponds (here's West Carry Pond) to the north and up the Bigelow Range from the "back" side where it's quite wild and remote.

Then I came around to the south side of the Bigelow Preserve (view to the top from Stratton Brook) and hiked over the West Peak (scene of the alpine ridge) to Horns Pond (those are the Horns behind the pond) and then down a really steep cliff to a great beaver pond (while sleeping nights in comfort at a Stratton motel).

I took refuge during the tropical storm with Susan and Michael at their Sebago Lake cottage rental - what excellent hospitality!

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ssprince said...

I wish I have been there - and here also. Sudden vivid color. Warm rain to start the grass seed off. Chilly rain to heat the house within & dry out. I'd like to visit Sebago Lake someday, and "Raymond is my dwelling place" from Sally & Huldah Symonds' samplers.