A Different Kind of Waterfall

July 20, 2008

I'm hanging out at home for most of this month. Yesterday Bob and I took our bikes on the train to New York City where with our friends Steve and Bonnie we rode the bike path along the East River to view the waterfall sculptures. Here is the one under the Brooklyn Bridge (Manhattan Bridge in the foreground) with Lady Liberty in the distance. The waterfalls are an interesting conceit, but in my opinion they don't have enough presence to compete with the cityscape of New York. 

But public art projects are fun - we also went to "Playing the Building - an Installation by David Byrne" where an antique organ amplifies sounds generated by elements of the building.

The bike path goes down to the Battery and continues up the West Side along the Hudson. The Esplanade and gardens of Battery Park City - at the speed of a relaxed bike ride with all the people out playing, picnicking, and sunbathing - that's a fabulous spatial experience!

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