On the Trail ... almost

April 14, 2007

As I headed south to begin my new lifestyle as professional AT hiker, the big Nor'easter was coming our way, causing a few rainy days.

I detoured from the Trail in Staunton, Virginia, to visit the birthplace of Woodrow Wilson.

I learned about his Scotch-Irish Presbyterian minister family. Interesting. I thought of him as an Ivy-leaguer because he was a Princeton prof, but he was the son of an immigrant mom, and I can see his desire for education in the context of the family educated as ministers.

He only lived in Staunton for a couple of years, but still it's a nice complex combining the Greek Revival home with two adjacent buildings for the museum, including his car, a Pierce Arrow dating from when he was President. It was brought back to the factory in Buffalo twice a year to swap the enclosed winter body and the open summer one!


Sarah said...
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Sarah said...

I fantasized about wanting to join you someplace where it would be spring, but I think I have to save my time for my hope to drive to Portland OR in August, with dog, via the badlands... also my foot still isn't great, so I'm knocking myself out in the gym in hopes other parts will drag the knees and feet along into general health.